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Utility Users Tax

Utility Users Tax (UUT) ballot measure submitted for signature verification is for the upcoming June 2014 special election.

✔  The Utility Users Tax ballot submitted for signature verification has yet to be validated by Los Angeles County Registrar. Should they obtain the requisite number of signatures, this measure would not appear until the April 2015 municipal election.

Utility Users Tax (Glendale UUT) does not pay for essential City services. It should be repealed.

✔  Glendale prides itself on being a full service city. Glendale maintains a class-1 fire department, a police department that keeps its citizens safe in one of America's safest cities, and provides programming for children, adults, and life-long learners through its parks and library departments. These amenities, that the community has come to appreciate and expect, and funded in part through the Glendale Utility Users Tax.

Learn more about Glendale's services, support from the Glendale News-Press, and Utility Users Tax Information

Read full Op-Ed by City Manager Scott Ochoa here.

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