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South Korean Sister City, Gimpo

The City of Glendale has received numerous inquiries from concerned residents around the world regarding the South Korean dog meat industry.

✔ The Glendale City Council directed that Glendale representatives reach out directly to representatives of our South Korean Sister City, Gimpo. In conjunction with our local  Korean Sister City Association, the City of Glendale is working with Gimpo representatives to better understand South Korean standards, practices and laws, relevant cultural differences, as well as express the Glendale City Council's unqualified protest and disapproval of any inhumane treatment of dogs, cats and other living creatures. Gimpo representatives have assured the City of Glendale that the City of Gimpo has no interest in advocating for or defending any inhumane treatment of animals, and that they will see that all South Korean food service and processing standards, as well as animal treatment laws, are adhered to.

The City of Glendale thanks those individuals who shared their concerns. The City of Glendale will continue to work with our Sister City of Gimpo to ensure the best possible and most practical outcome.  Further questions or concerns may be directed to Glendale’s Community Relations Coordinator Dan Bell.  He can be reached via email at

The City of Glendale contacted the City of Gimpo in April of 2015 and continues to follow-up with Gimpo's representatives. The City of Gimpo sent a letter in response to our inquiry pending their investigation into the matter. Read the letter here.

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