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Seven Trees Trail

The Seven Trees Trail, located in the historic Brand Park, was destoryed by Los Angeles County Fire Department tractors during the La Tuna Canyon Fire.

✔ Yes, there was damage to the trail. However, it was at the expense of making our hillsides defensible with expanded fire breaks. The fire tractors did damage portions of the Seven Trees Trail, including a bench. The fire break was a preventative measure that helped firefighters keep the fire from getting to residential neighborhoods.  We appreciate the service of our firefighters and allied agencies for protecting lives and property.  

Measures like fire breaks may appear to be destructive, but are necessary in fighting fires that are scorching thousands of acres and racing toward homes. 

As is their practice after making fire breaks, the Los Angeles County Fire Department will repair the popular hiking trails.


The City of Glendale Community Services and Parks Department staff have posted this sign at the trail's entrance:

Some repairs are not expected to be completed until after the rainy season.

For additional facts about the repair of Seven Trees Trail, read the following article in the Glendale News-Press

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