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Proposed Mixed-Use Development

Controversy regarding a proposed mixed-use development at 1100 N. Brand Blvd.

✔ Recently, much controversy has arisen regarding a proposed mixed-use development at 1100 N. Brand Boulevard, with some folks questioning why the City Council would entertain such a project. To be clear, the council has not reviewed or considered the project, and perhaps never will. The process currently underway started when a private property owner applied for approval of a project on their property. After review by staff, a planning hearing officer will hear the proposal and testimony from all interested parties, then deliberate and render a decision in a few weeks.

This decision — whichever way it goes — is appealable to the Planning Commission and ultimately the City Council. While the staff report’s recommendation makes the specific findings to allow the requested standards variances, it is obvious that many folks will reasonably disagree. Yet the objective decision-making process, which invites public input and participation, must play itself out — beginning with the planning hearing officer. While the City Council is encouraged by the degree of community engagement on this matter, it cannot and has not intervened at this time. The city’s job in executing its ministerial duties is to balance and respect the rights of all interests under the law.


Let us please try to keep a sense of context in this process. The staff, the community members, and even the developer are just folks doing what they believe is right. Agree or disagree with the ultimate decision, the process must be objective and fair to all. Know that your City Council is aware and focused on doing the right thing in this arena, just as they do with public safety, infrastructure, parks and other city services.


Scott Ochoa

City Manager 

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