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Cost of Rent in Glendale

x Labels Glendale as Having the Highest Rent in Southern California.


Affordable housing is a critical issue across the entire nation. A recent report published on and picked up by several other publications, has labeled Glendale as having the highest rent in southern California and fourth highest rent in the nation. Is that accurate? Let’s take a look: 


·         The report only considers units listed on, which just happens to list mostly be luxury rental units. It does not include data from more complete sites like Zillow, Craigslist, Zumper, Rentcafe, or word-of-mouth or other offline posts. shows a very small percentage of the 50,000 rental units that exist across the city. 


·         If you were to check today, their data shows a median rent closer to $3,000/mo, not the $4,472/moaverage that they reported. As a result, and more in line with historical data, Glendale is considered closer to the middle of the pack when compared to other cities in Los Angeles County.


Glendale has taken tremendous efforts to increase the amount of affordable housing. We’ve leveraged local money that City Council has allocated, in addition to Federal Housing dollars, to alleviate rental and housing conditions in the city. These funds continue to help residents secure housing or get better jobs to help them keep and retain the housing they are in. You can learn more about what we are doing to improve housing at

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