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Bike and Pedestrian Path Along the Verdugo Wash

The City of Glendale is planning to build a bicycle and pedestrian path along the Verdugo Wash

✔ The idea of introducing a bicycle and pedestrian path along the Verdugo Wash is identified in the City’s Bicycle Transportation Plan (adopted in 2012), has been promoted recently by interested citizens. However, the City currently is not engaged in planning or engineering work to build such a path.

IF at some point in the future the City Council directs staff to proceed with the Verdugo Wash Path, the following steps would have to take place in order to determine if the idea is possible:

1. City staff identifies funding for a Feasibility Study.
2. City Council approves proceeding with a Feasibility Study.
3. An RFP (Request for Proposals) would be issued to identify a qualified consultant to conduct the study.
4. A consultant is hired (subject to City Council approval) after successfully completing the entire RFP Process.
5. Public input would be sought during the study period.

IF, the study determines that there is a feasible bicycle and pedestrian bike path alternative that the community agrees with, City Council would have to approve additional funding for future phases including developing a design and conducting the engineering work needed to build the actual path.

None of the above mentioned steps have been taken and there are no immediate plans to proceed with this plan or a feasibility study at this time.

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